WP GDPR Compliance gets a premium version: Privacy WP

In early August 2019 we’ve acquired the premium plugin Privacy WP created by Scott DeLuzio (Amplify Plugins) to bundle both WordPress database and third-party integrations helping you take care of GDPR requests as easily as possibly.

In this post we update you on the why and on the future of both WP GDPR Compliance (free) and Privacy WP (premium).


While WP GDPR Compliance integrates with WordPress and plugins that store their respective data in the WordPress database itself Privacy WP interacts with third-parties directly through their APIs. It assembles the data into a single location and allows you to then manage the data as needed.

Imagine having a site where visitors log in through WordPress and are able to also subscribe to a MailChimp newsletter. A common situation for many sites.

With WP GDPR Compliance that user can request her data and she will receive all the available personal data linked to their WordPress user profile but not any of the data collected by MailChimp as it is stored on MailChimp’ servers.

With Privacy WP that MailChimp data is collected through the API and both the user profile and MailChimp data is presented through WordPress’ core GDPR functions.

So data you had to collect previously by hand or wasn’t included in the GDPR data request at all is now bundled together automatically.

What does this mean for the WP GDPR Compliance plugin?

Don’t worry! We will continue to release free “service updates” for the foreseeable future to make sure the plugin continues to work with future WordPress updates.

We’ll also continue to respond to Support requests.

What changes for existing Privacy WP customers?

Part of the deal to acquire Privacy WP is to honor all valid license keys and provide support and assistance to customers with valid license keys until they expire.

You can expect new and improved features this year!

Next steps

As a first step we plan to bundle Privacy WP with existing WP GDPR Compliance functionality to create one premium plugin that does it all.

Currently WP GDPR Compliance doesn’t use the WordPress core GDPR functions because at the time of our release those weren’t available in core. We’ll rebuild those for the next update of Privacy WP.

After that we will rely on customer requests to expand the plugin where necessary.

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