WordPress 4.9.6 supports GDPR!

Good news from the WordPress Core team: 4.9.6 gives site owners several privacy related functions.

  • WordPress Comments now show a checkbox to explicitly save your data for the next visit. If you don’t tick it your data will not be saved when you end the session.
  • You can easily add your Privacy Policy to the standard WordPress register and login box.
  • User data can be exported or erased.

Third-party plugins will be able to designate personal data in their plugin so the Core function to export or erase knows what data is present.

Handy features to help everyone take care of several parts of GDPR.

Right now it is not possible to let visitors directly request their data through Core. Something that is available through the WP GDPR Compliance plugin. Be on the lookout for future releases as we’ll also take care of cookie consent for you.

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